Frequently Asked Questions

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Damage Protection
HouseMoverz take every measure to pack and protect your items so that we can save everyone from any damages. In very worst case scenario we provide you the repair service of the damages. The cost of the damages will be 50% of the Invoice amount that is bear by the company.
Payment Terms
We charge 20% of the Invoice value for the booking and confirmation of the move upfront. The remaining 80% can be paid on the completion of the move.
Payment Modes
HouseMoverz highly recommend online payment. We also prefer payments by Cash, Card or Bank Transfer.
Working Hours
HouseMoverz is working 24/7 in a year. We don’t work on EID Holidays in UAE. While booking with us our team will inform you if we are not working.
Move-in & Move-out Permissions
It is highly recommended that to obtain Move-Out & Move-In permission from the building Landlord/Security. It is the responsibility of the client to get these permissions before the moving date. So that you can have a hassle free move experience.
Cancellation Policy
HouseMoverz keep it straight when it comes to cancellation policy. We understand the change in plan, so if there is any change you can let us know 24 hours prior to move without any cancellation fee. Less than 24 hours or same day cancellation will charge you the 50% of the Invoice amount.
Additional Truck(s) or Materials
In the event your furniture exceeds the numbers of trucks stipulated in your Invoice, there will be a charge of AED 400 per truck/trip and any additional boxes will be charges at AED 10 per box.
Curtains and Handyman Work
HouseMoverz is liable to install everything that is removed from the old house into new house. Other than that every new things will charge you additionally as per the team.
Do the helpers wear uniforms?
Yes, our helpers do wear uniforms as it’s more professional.
Cash or Jewellery
HouseMoverz do not take the responsibility of the personal items, cash or jewelry items. We provide you the advance boxes for thses items. So that you can pack them according to you.
Refund Policy
In case of cancellation more than 48 hours prior to the move date we will be happy to refund any deposit(s) in full.
Storage Terms & Conditions
Minimum storage is for 1 month and you have to pay the charges in advance. If you storage is exceed for more day than to a month, you have to pay the charges for the second month.
Painting Jobs - Colors
In case different colors are required for painting other than the standard colors (white/off-white) the paint charges will be billed as actual and will be payable by the client unless otherwise specified in the invoice.
Move-in & Move-out Paint
Standard Move-in & Move-out Paint contains the cleaning of the current walls and then applying the new paint. This also includes minor repairs like hole fixing because of drills etc. This does not include any major repairs.
Cancellation Charges
We don’t charge the cancellation fee unless we are being informed two days before, however, if moving is cancelled before one day AED 200 is chargeable.
Do you provide wardrobe boxes?
Yes, We do.